# Inspection Worksheet

Inspection Worksheet document represents a client's request for cargo inspection that can be assigned to an inspection company. It tracks all related information, including its type, status, location, cargo and instructions for the inspector.

# Document Type


# Data Model

Field Type Description
workspace reference ​ ID of this worksheet's workspace.
parent reference ​ ID of worksheet's parent document. Usually empty.
xref string ​ External id to reference client's internal systems.
inspectorReferenceNumber string Inspector's reference number.
tripNumber string, required Vessel trip number.
blOrderNumber string The bill of lading order number.
status string Status of the worksheet. Possible values: pending, active, complete, cancelled.
vendor Catalog reference ​ Inspection company.
client Catalog reference Cargo shipper.
activity string Possible values are: load, discharge, sts, transfer, sample.
inspectionDate.type string The type of inspection date event. Possible values are: BL_DATE, OUTTURN_DATE, PUMPING_DATE, SAMPLE_DATE.
inspectionDate.value datetime The date on which the inspection date event occurred.
consignor string Consignor.
consignee string Consignee.
mainInspectorName string The name of the inspector.
otherInspectors string The names of other Inspectors that were involved.
berth string Load/Discharge berth.
finalLocationName string The name of the final location.
finalLocationEta string ETA final port.
inspectionStartDate string Inspection begin date.
inspectionEndDate string Inspection end date.
invoiceQuantityMeasureCode string The code for the basis for the quantity measurement for invoicing purposes.
invoiceQuantityUnitCode string The code for the quantity units for invoicing purposes.
eta datetime ​ Estimated time of arrival at port.
etc datetime ​ Estimated date of job completion.
location Catalog reference Inspection location.
transports Array<Catalog reference> List of vessels being inspected.
cargo.product Catalog reference Product being inspected.
cargo.quantity string Product quantity.
cargo.uom Catalog reference Unit of measure.
requested.quality boolean true if quality results are expected from this inspection job.
requested.quantity boolean true if quantity results are expected from this inspection job.
requested.timelog boolean true if timelog is expected from this inspection job.
highSulphurFuelOilArrival string High Sulphur Fuel Oil - Arrival.
lowSulphurFuelOilArrival string Low Sulphur Fuel Oil - Arrival.
highSulphurFuelOilSailing string High Sulphur Fuel Oil – Sailing.
lowSulphurFuelOilSailing string Low Sulphur Fuel Oil - Sailing.
highSulphurFuelOilLelPerc string High Sulphur Fuel Oil LEL %.
lowSulphurFuelOilLelPerc string Low Sulphur Fuel Oil LEL %.
dieselOilArrival string Diesel Oil – Arrival.
dieselOilSailing string Diesel Oil – Sailing.
lettersOfProtest string Letters of protest.
comment string Comments.
hseComment string Comments on health and safety.

# Example:

  "xref": "45678",
  "inspectorReferenceNumber": "110-22-012345",
  "tripNumber": "TRIP-NUM-123-0021",
  "blOrderNumber": "BL-12345",
  "status": "active",
  "vendor": "e2ee56c5-76a5-4b95-a723-b3c37c2111ab",
  "client": "a4e8781f-6d66-454e-86d4-45cb5a9202d2",
  "activity": "load",
  "inspectionDate": {
    "type": "BL_DATE",
    "value": "2022-03-30T00:00:00.000Z"
  "consignor": "John Doe",
  "consignee": "Jane Doe",
  "mainInspectorName": "John Doe",
  "otherInspectors": "Jane Doe",
  "berth": null,
  "finalLocationName": "Port Arthur",
  "finalLocationEta": "2019-07-02T17:00:00.000Z",
  "inspectionStartDate": "2022-03-28T21:48:00.000Z",
  "inspectionEndDate": "2022-03-30T05:20:00.000Z",
  "invoiceQuantityMeasureCode": "BL_GSV",
  "invoiceQuantityUnitCode": "BBLS_60F",
  "eta": "2019-06-28T14:00:00.000Z",
  "etc": "2019-06-30T17:00:00.000Z",
  "location": {
    "name": "Baytown",
    "xref": "4567"
  "transports": [
      "name": "Overseas New York",
      "xref": "13579"
  "cargo": {
    "product": {
      "xref": "123",
      "name": "Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel"
    "quantity": "326348.42",
    "uom": {
      "xref": "2",
      "name": "Barrels"
  "requested": {
    "quality": true,
    "quantity": true,
    "timelog": true
  "highSulphurFuelOilArrival": "0",
  "lowSulphurFuelOilArrival": "0",
  "highSulphurFuelOilSailing": "0",
  "lowSulphurFuelOilSailing": "0",
  "highSulphurFuelOilLelPerc": "0",
  "lowSulphurFuelOilLelPerc": "0",
  "dieselOilArrival": "0",
  "dieselOilSailing": "0",
  "lettersOfProtest": "Example letters of protest.",
  "comment": "Example comments.",
  "hseComment": "Example hse comments."